3D IFS fractal renderer and editor

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📀 Installation

📊 Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • .NET Desktop Runtime 6 (installed on demand)
  • OpenGL 4.5 capable graphics card

📥 Downloads

Get the latest installer or portable version: Download here.
Previous versions can be found on the Releases tab.

🕹️ Usage

Beginners should start with the Getting Started Guide.
See the Wiki for more.

📝 Planned features:

  • Animations
  • More intuitive coloring methods
  • Crossplatform CLI (Command-line interface)
  • A better name & logo
  • Add Your Ideas

❔ Support

📖 About

IFSRenderer started as a weekend project to help me understand how the fractal flame algorithm works. My initial goal was to just implement it in 3D, but it has grown into a passion project and then into my master's thesis. I'm releasing it as an open-source project in the hope that it will be useful to the fractal artist community.

👷 Development

Visit the repository on Github for information, contributions are welcome.
You can develop plugins to add custom transforms to IFSRenderer. See this wiki article.
The library is published as a NuGet package.

⚖️ License

Copyright © 2023 Dócs Zoltán & contributors
IFSRenderer is a free software licensed under GPLv3.